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Fluorescent T8 Full Spectrum Northlight Tubes (25mm Dia)

When searching for replacement fluorescent tubes some specific versions can be hard to source. This is why we dedicate individual sections to such lamps. This category details replacement Full Spectrum Northlight 965 T8 (25mm diameter) Fluorescent Tubes for use in existing light fittings and fixtures. This version can also be used as a retrofit for a standard halophosphate Northlight T8 as it offers twice the lamp life and reduces energy usage by 20%.

The Full Spectrum Northlight lamp emits a specialist Daylight colour temperature that burns at 6500 Kelvin. The effect is a stunningly bright cool wintry light output perfect for critical colour matching and retail displays. To this end this lamp is perfect for displaying jewellery together with artistic and graphic design applications.

This lamp offers excellent colour rendition of Ra90, exceptional lumen maintenance and very high luminous efficacy. As a fluorescent light source this lamp offers energy saving benefits and an impressive lamp life of 20,000 hours. The output of this lamp ranges from 15 watts to 70 watts and lengths start at 450mm increasing to 1800mm.