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Types of 110v lighting products for construction sites

With many construction personnel working into the night to meet project deadlines, reliable and safe light sources are a must. There are several types of 110v site lighting products available for a variety of uses including ambient, task and accent lighting, so read on to discover the wide range of reduced low voltage 110v site lighting ranges available from BLT Direct.

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LED Festoon Kits

Ideal for illuminating barriers or other site areas that need a bright light source, festoon kits are easy to install and available in 22 and 50-metre lengths. These kits can be wrapped around pretty much anything making them incredibly versatile and useful around a construction site.

110v tripods and heads

Where powerful lighting is needed for a task, the fully portable 110v tripods offer the perfect solution. Manufactured from non-corrosive steel for a hardwearing body and painted bright yellow so they are easy to spot, the fully adjustable tripod heads emit a crisp white light making them perfect for tasks in dark areas.

110v floodlights

110v floodlights are an essential piece of construction site kit thanks to their hardwearing properties. Waterproof, dustproof and fully adjustable, these slimline floodlights produce a bright light source that can be used both in and outdoors.
These floodlights also have a long lifespan, with the average floodlight lasting in excess of 50,000 hours as they harness LED technology and have no filaments that will burn out and need replacing.

Task lights and lanterns

Small, portable and robust, task lights and lanterns offer a great grab and go lighting solution for use on construction sites. Able to tolerate the harsh conditions on a construction site, they’re a must-have item to help ensure staff safety and good levels of illumination for a range of on-site projects.

110v LED bulkheads

Ideal for construction site hoardings, these robust 110v LED bulkheads come in emergency and non-emergency types with a range of diffusers. Manufactured to be hardwearing and durable, they are able to cope with high levels of moisture and dust to provide a bright and reliable source of light.

These 110v LED bulkheads are also quick and easy to install, meaning that you can get on with the task at hand without wasting valuable time on tricky lighting installations.

Created by Daniel Shakles on 8th April, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles