U Tube

Most fluorescent bulbs are straight tubes but some are circular, while other fixtures use a U-shaped (U-bend) design. Detailed here is a selection of replacement U-Tube Fluorescent lamps for use in existing light fittings and fixtures. Classed as an unusual shaped fluorescent tube these lamps are in simplified terms a U-shaped T8 tube that has a diameter of 25mm and a 2G13 cap. We stock this lamp in 20 watt and 36 watt versions and white, cool white and blacklight colour temperatures.

U Tube Continued

U-tube Fluorescent Lamps are an economical lighting solution, delivering high quality illumination for industrial and commercial applications. This is a lamp commonly found in applications such as street light and car park lighting fixtures, space limiting under-cupboard fittings and in recessed and suspended light fittings for general commercial illumination. The Blacklight U-Shaped tube is a specialist lamp found in insect-o-cutor units and industrial processing lighting. A long 10,000 hour lamp life ensures minimal maintenance and replacement costs.