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Unusual Length Fluorescent Tubes

When looking to replace a fluorescent tube, it is usually a straightforward process. However there are a number of fixtures that only take ‘length specific’ tubes which can be hard to source. This category eliminates that search by detailing all our Unusual Length Fluorescent Tubes in one section. These replacement lamps come in T4 (12mm diameter), T8 (25mm diameter) and T12 (38mm diameter) versions each a double ended lamp with a 2 pin cap/base type of G5 or G13, depending on the lamp.

Each fluorescent tube measures a specific length so it is important to check the length of your existing lamp before ordering your replacement.

Unusual length fluorescent tubes are no different to standard length fluorescent tubes in terms of application, colour temperature and wattage. This range of tubes are rated between 10 watts and 38 watts and come in colour temperatures of Warm to Cool White, Daylight, Northlight and Anti-Drug Blue. As with all fluorescent lighting these tubes are an energy efficient solution that offer a long lamp life of between 10,000 and 20,000 hours. Applications include daylight simulation for graphic design studios, general commercial and domestic lighting, emergency lighting and jewellery displays