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Up and Down Lights

Up and down lights are a practical way to illuminate your exterior environment while maintaining a sophisticated style. Outdoor up and down lights are perfect for any application including, seating areas, outdoor bars, and garden pathways. Exceptional quality combines with hard-wearing durability to make one of the most popular outdoor wall lights on the market. Available in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and wattages, it's easy to see why increasing numbers of people are coming straight to BLT Direct when looking for up and down lights. With PIR sensor up and down lights also on offer, we have every outdoor light need. Choose from a range of black up and down wall lights or stainless steel up and down lights for a sophisticated, polished look.

Up And Down PIR Lights Black Up And Down Lights Stainless Steel Up And Down Lights

What is an up and down light?

An up and down light is one of the most popular methods of illuminating outdoor areas such as walkways, doorways, and outdoor seating areas. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, our up and down lights have a wide range of applications. Using a dual light, up and down wall lights shine above and below the fitting, creating an ambient and atmospheric light effect. 

Do up and down lights give much light?

Up/down lights have a dual output and shine above and below the fitting, producing double the light output a traditional spotlight would. The best way to determine the light produced by a wall light is the check the lumen output of said fitting. All of our up and down lights provide crystal clear light in a range of colour temperatures and can have a lumen output of up to 900 lumens, ensuring that your living areas, paths and doorways remain well-lit and safe.

Are up and down lights waterproof?

Our up and down lights are suitable for outdoor use, manufactured by trusted brands using durable components. With IP ratings of IP44 to IP65, our wall lights are designed to be sealed tight against foreign particles like dust, dirt, and water. While not completely waterproof, our outdoor up and down lights are weather resistant and can be left in the rain and wind without compromising the quality or longevity of your lighting.