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Up And Down PIR Lights

Saving energy and lowering running costs, the new PIR sensor up and down lights are a practical and energy-efficient way of lighting up your outdoor areas. Best suited to doorways, pathways, and seated areas, PIR sensors use infra-red radiation to detect heat emitted from a moving person to switch on. This makes them more environmentally friendly because they only activate when needed and movement is detected. We have multiple styles and finishes available, each utilising a dual light system to provide light above and below the fitting, increasing light coverage on important areas like outdoor paths.

What is PIR wall light?

A PIR wall light is an outdoor light fitting that uses passive infrared technology when turning off/on. This technology works by detecting infra-red radiation from things that emit heat, such as people, pets, or other large objects. This technology is typically used to lower running costs and increase energy efficiency. It is also a practical and cost-effective way of illuminating your outdoor areas in a sleek and stylish way, making PIR wall lights more popular than ever.