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Using LED Strips to Accent Features

LED accent lighting will add flare to any room and will magically draw the eye to any feature in the room. They can transform cabinets and furniture from bland everyday items into exciting, unique features. Achieving this effect with LED strips couldn’t be easier because they are so simple to install. More and more homeowners are starting to wake up to the endless possibilities of LED strips and no matter the room these simple lighting systems will fit right in.


LED strips can be used in many different ways throughout the living room. Placing them behind a TV creates an amazing feature that makes the screen colours pop and will lessen the effect of staring at a screen. This feature can also be used to make furniture stand out but one of the most effective but still uncommon uses is to create an illuminated gallery wall. The flexible nature of LED strips makes them perfect to go behind pictures and make the artwork hanging on the walls stand out.


Having enough light in the kitchen can be especially tricky, under cabinet halogen spotlights have been used before but using LED strips provides more light and looks amazing. Using waterproof LED strips is essential but these do not cost a lot more and are still flexible enough to be mounted around corners. Putting them under wall cabinets will illuminate the space below but they can also be used to highlight lower units. Either use will give the kitchen a contemporary twist and make your kitchen look unique.


Using waterproof LED strips behind bathroom mirrors looks ultra-modern and makes the mirror a feature in its own right. Putting them inside a mirror frame will create an incredible optical illusion. This is not the only use for LED strips in a bathroom but it is the most popular. Using them around the edge of the ceiling will provide a soft lighting that will make relaxing in the bath even easier.


Mood lighting is vital for bedrooms and LED strips will create the perfect bedroom atmosphere. Using them around the bed is arguably the most popular way to use them in the bedroom. It will make the bed a standout feature in the room and creates an ambience that cannot be rivalled by candles.

Will you be using LED strips to accent features in your home? Share images of your finished features on our social media pages.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 12th May, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct