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V-Tac Cubed Up/Down Wall Light 5 Watt (Black Body) Warm White

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Part No: 217078
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Quick Find: 72801
Part No: 217078

Colour Temp
3000 K

110mm mm

110mm mm



Light Colour
Warm White (830)

700 lm


Light Fitting

220-240 Volt

5 W

V-Tac Cubed Up/Down Wall Light 5 Watt (Black Body) Warm White from V-Tac

Model: 217078

Introducing the V-TAC Up/Down Wall Light - Product Code VT-759: Contemporary Elegance with Warm White Radiance!

Illuminate your surroundings with sophistication and warmth using the V-TAC Up/Down Wall Light, featuring Product Code VT-759. This sleek and modern wall light is designed to cast a welcoming warm white glow, creating an inviting ambiance while adding a touch of contemporary style to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Key Features:

1. Warm White Radiance: Experience the inviting and cozy atmosphere created by the warm white light emitted by the V-TAC Up/Down Wall Light VT-759. Ideal for entrances, patios, and accent lighting, this wall light enhances the visual appeal of your space.

2. Up/Down Light Distribution: The VT-759 is engineered for versatile illumination. With its up/down light distribution design, it not only provides direct lighting but also adds an appealing play of light and shadow on the wall, elevating the aesthetics of your environment.

3. Contemporary Design: Embrace modern elegance with the sleek and minimalist design of the VT-759. Its clean lines and brushed finish make it a stylish addition to a variety of architectural styles, seamlessly blending into both residential and commercial settings.

4. Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the VT-759 boasts a robust construction that withstands the elements. Built to resist corrosion and weathering, this wall light ensures long-lasting performance in both indoor and outdoor applications.

5. Easy Installation: Installing the VT-759 is a hassle-free process. Designed for user convenience, it comes with a straightforward installation mechanism, allowing you to enjoy its warm white illumination without the need for complex setup.

6. Versatile Application: Whether used to highlight architectural features, provide pathway lighting, or enhance the overall ambiance of a space, the VT-759 is a versatile lighting solution suitable for a range of applications.

Upgrade your lighting experience with the V-TAC Up/Down Wall Light VT-759. Revel in the warmth of its white light, appreciate the contemporary design, and trust in the quality synonymous with V-TAC. Illuminate your spaces with style and comfort - order the VT-759 today!

Technical Specifications

Wattage 5 W
Manufacturer V-Tac
Light Colour Warm White (830)
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Lumens 700 lm
Colour Temp 3000 K
Depth 110mm mm
Diameter 110mm mm
Type Light Fitting
Finish Black
Voltage 220-240 Volt

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For V-Tac Cubed Up/Down Wall Light 5 Watt (Black Body) Warm White



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