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Varilight Dimmer Switches

Adding ambience to a room is easy with the market leading Varilight Dimmer range; a comprehensive selection of dimmers for all lighting technologies from incandescent to halogen, CFL to LED. Varilight dimmer switches boast industry-wide recognition for outstanding performance, long-life and innovation at an affordable cost. Offering a wide selection of finishes and styles including remote and touch technology the Varilight dimmer range is bound to meet your needs.

We carry 7 types of dimmers from the Varilight range including; V-Dim, V-Plus, V-Pro, V-Pro IR, V-Pro Multi-Point Remote, V-Pro Multi-Point Touch and V-Pro Eclique.

Varilight V-Plus Dimmer Switch (Not Suitable For LEDs) Varilight V-Dim Dimmer Switch Varilight V-Pro Dimmer Switch Varilight V-Pro Eclique Dimmer Switch

Who makes Varilight?

Varilight is the brand name of Doyle and Tratt Products Ltd. They are the leading British Manufacturer of dimmer switches and other decorative electrical wiring accessories. Varilight dimmer switches include the V-Pro dimmer range and all offer many market leading features such as intelligent overload protection. The V-pro dimmer also offers many programmable modes making them the most compatible dimmer switch on the market.

What is a leading edge dimmer switch?

A leading edge dimmer switch is one of the two types of mains dimmer switch – the other being a trailing edge dimmer. The difference between a leading edge and trailing edge dimmer is the part of the AC wave that they cut off. A leading edge dimmer will cut the front edge of each waves half cycle and conversely a trailing edge dimmer with cut the second half of each waves half cycle.

Trailing edge dimmers are the most popular type and confer several advantages when compared to leading edge dimmers such as smoother control, soft start features and silent operation. Varilight dimmer switches offer severable programmable modes including both leading edge and trailing edge dimming, making them adaptable to your lighting needs. All V-Pro dimmer modules also offer a soft start feature and a minimum and maximum brightness setting.

What is a soft start dimmer?

A soft start dimmer is one that slowly brings the lights to their set level when the dimmer switch is turned on, this occurs over the period of around a second. This feature comes as standard with all Varilight intelligent dimmers including the V-Plus and V-Pro dimmer. The soft start feature is designed to extend the life of both the lamps and the dimmer switch itself.

How do you replace a dimmer module?

Varilight offer a wide range of replacement modules that are designed to be used with both Varilight plates and grids as well as plates and grids from other brands. This means that you can always receive the very best in LED dimming technology with a Varilight dimmer module.

Replacing the dimmer module on a Varilight dimmer switch is designed to be easy. First, remove the knob from the from off the switch (and the plate if the product is screwless) and unscrew the nut. The dimmer module can then be easily removed and replaced with the new Varilight dimmer module.