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Venture High Pressure Sodium Bulbs

A full and comprehensive range of High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs from Venture Lighting categorised according to lamp shape and type to aid you in your selection. Venture Sodium lamps have a proven record of high performance, reliability and robustness, whatever the application. They can be found lighting car parks, city centres, tunnels, warehouses, industrial buildings, stadiums, airports and streets.

The sodium lamps in the Venture Range are a great replacement for standard sodium lamps offering higher output, increased luminosity and a longer life of 28,000 hours and above, as compared to 12,000 hours. Offering even better performance is the Twin HO lamp range that lasts a superb 40,000 hours making it perfect for inaccessible applications or where relamping causes disruption. The Sodium lamp operates on an external or internal ignitor; differentiated by an E or I on the lamp. It is important to only install the correct lamp for your fixture.