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Vossloh Schwabe Ballasts

Detailed below is a comprehensive range of Vossloh Schwabe portfolio of Electromagnetic Ballasts for use with single Tubular and Compact Fluorescent Lamps rated between 5 Watt and 75 Watts. The choice of available performance criteria and wattages will satisfy a diverse range of requirements. Common to each unit is extremely tight impedance-value tolerances which optimises both the service life of fluorescent lamps and the light output.

The standard electromagnetic ballasts available are suitable for protection class 1 luminaires and come impregnated with polyester resin. Measuring only 28mm x 41mm (l x w) these robust units achieve high luminous efficacy. These are traditional ballasts that do emit some operating noise. Electronic ballasts detailed below offer noiseless operation alongside warm start, flicker-free light output and energy saving performance.