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Wall Lights We Love

Your home is a reflection of you, from the pictures on the walls to the kind of bathroom mat you have. Now it’s even easier to express your personality through your home, so we’ve collected some of the coolest and most unusual wall lights for your sanctuary.

Vintage Glam

Figure 1 Source

If you were born in the wrong century and long for flapper fashion, speakeasies and jazz clubs to come back into fashion, you might want this wall lamp to light your very own juke joint. The rose gold is pure 21st century, but the vintage bulb brings 1920s America right into your home.

Farmhouse Fashion

Figure 2 Source

The DIY boom means that more and more people are coming up with creative solutions in their living spaces. Need more brightness, but there’s no lighting fixture? Want to go for the rustic look? With glass jars, fake flowers, fairy lights and twine, you can create your own lamps and mount them as incredible wall art.

Soften The Edges

Figure 3 Source

Shield the lightbulb and let the light spill out from the gaps in your chosen shade for a softer kind of warmth. The inside of this lamp is covered in a metallic surface to help the light diffuse into the room, and the outside is totally opaque to stop any glare.

Colour And Light

Figure 4 Source

These fixtures are big and bold, but double as art when the light is turned off. If you’re the kind of person who likes to make a statement, or who wants their wall art to be useful as well as beautiful, try these on for size.

Going For Gold

Figure 5 Source

Gold has been a popular choice for wall lights for years, and for good reason; it reflects the light easily with its polish and sheen. Updated for the contemporary look, gold throws the light around your space to make the whole room brighter.

Grow Your Garden

Bring the outdoors inside by combining hanging baskets and light. You have to be careful about which plants you bring in and how you care for them, but it’s a way to look after your garden without ever leaving your house. These are set to be the next big thing in lighting, so join the trend!

Are there any wall lighting trends you love? Let us know!

Created by Steve Ellwood on 13th July, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct