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Warm White LED Candle Bulbs

If your in the market for a low cost, energy efficient LED candle that will give your room a much needed touch of warmth, then our Warm white LED candle bulbs are perfect for you. With multiple manufacturers, wattages and cap bases available, we have all bases covered when it comes to Warm white candle bulbs. Whether your looking for a flame tipped candle or a traditional look, we are sure to have the correct bulb for you. Our Warm white LED candles are widely used in both homes and businesses and look amazing as decorative lighting. If you need a bulb that create an inviting atmosphere and give character to your rooms, why not browse our selection below?

What is a warm white LED bulb?

Warm White LED bulbs are among the most popular types of bulbs in lighting schemes in both homes and businesses. Adding a touch of colour to your rooms, gives them a new, fresh look and can be the update that your room was needing. Our Warm white candles create an inviting and cosy appeal, making them perfect for bedrooms, restaurants and bars and as decorative lighting. A Warm white bulb will have a kelvin rating of 2700-3000k, with the former being the more 'yellowish' of the two. 

Are Warm white LED lights bad for eyes?

No overexposure to light is good for your eyes, but with LEDs producing far less heat than halogens and incandescent bulbs, they are the least likely to cause damage to your retinas. With Warm white LED candles being the 'softest' of all of the colour temperatures. they have a reduced strain on eyes and are the best for avoiding headaches. We also have dimming options available so you can always choose the right level of light for your needs, quickly and easily.

What is the brightest Warm white LED Candle?

If your looking to pack a punch with bright but small lighting then we can accommodate you. With our brightest Warm white candle bulb being 806 lumens, you have got the option to cover more area if you choose too, or to have a centre piece in a decorative design. If you prefer something more subtle then we also have LED Warm white candle bulbs with lower light outputs, with our range spanning from just 60 lumens to 800.