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Warm White LED MR16 Bulbs

If your looking for an inviting, cosy Warm white LED lighting then look no further than BLT Directs range of brilliant, vibrant LED MR16s. These bulbs are perfect for mood lighting, downlights or any application within the household. With dimmable options available, you can turn your dull living room into a family space with just a click of a button. Set the mood for a romantic dinner, or turn up the brightness for your study with multiple lumen options and dimming variants in stock at BLT Direct.

What is the difference between White and Warm White LED lights?

The difference between a standard white and a warm white colour temperature is that a warm white bulb will have a yellowish hue where as neutral white is a pure white. This makes Warm white LED MR16s perfect for living areas as the light is softer and not as harsh as a cool white. The technical difference between these lights is that a warm white MR16 will be 2700-3000k so its important that if you are looking to replace a warm white bulb that you match the replacements kelvin rating to the previously used bulb. Some people refer to warm white as soft white but the only real way to determine if a colour is correct for you then you should always check the kelvin rating.

Are Warm White LED lights bad for eyes?

Any light is bad for the retinas if your eyes are over exposed to light for a prolonged period of time. However Warm white LED lights are no more dangerous then a typical light, they may actually be safer as they only get a fraction as hot as halogens and incandescent. And because Warm white light is 'softer' it tends to reduce stress on the eyes, as well as being the choice of lighting if you want to soften facial features, so it makes it perfect for changing rooms or restaurants.

What Colour is Warm White LED?

Warm white is any light that have a kelvin rating of 2700-3000k, it often has an orange or yellowish hue, hence the name 'warm'. It is the most common bulb used in homes and restaurants as it is softer and isn't as clinical or harsh as a cool white or daylight. Warm white typically has a welcoming or inviting feel and is perfect when you need to create a comfortable atmosphere, making  warm white LED MR16s popular in living rooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. If you are looking for a warm white MR16 why not check out our range today?