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What Are LED Strips?

LED RGB Coloured Strip Light

LED Strips consist of a strip of Light Emitting Diodes attached to some self-adhesive backing. LED Strips are highly suitable for a range of applications including decorative applications, where the flexible nature of the LED Strip allows for easy shaping and installation.

LED Strips are capable of producing either White or coloured light output, making them suitable for a number of applications. LED Strips can be used to stunning effect in the home, to produce a modern, clean ambience. Typical lighting situations in the home where LED Strips might be used could include in ceiling coving, above and below kitchen cupboards and around doorways.
LED Strip lights are favored by the savvy energy consumer because they give a good, even spread of light and a high level of efficiency. LED Strips are also extremely easy to cut, a feature which makes them fabulous for the creation of stunning lighting displays.