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What Are Lumens?

Lumens (Lm) are a new unit of comparison for types of light bulbs and other lighting products. The Lumen is going to be used in the lighting industry to describe lighting products with increasing frequency as the Watt slips out of use. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to the Lumen as a unit of light in place of the Watt because it is now thought that the Lumen allows for a more accurate guide to light output.

Lumens Chart

The Watt only measures the power required to operate a Light Bulb, whereas the Lumen measures the light output which the bulb will provide you with. A Lumen rating describes the actual brightness of light which you will see coming from the bulb.

The Lumen has taken a more central position in way that the lighting industry label their lighting products since the 2010 ruling by the EU that the Lumen is the approved method off selling and advertising lighting products.