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What Lumens do I need to replace a halogen GU10?

An LED Gu10 Light Bulb

Lumens is a universal measurement of how bright a light is. The higher the Lumen number the brighter the light.

Wattage has historically been the way of measuring light output for incandecent and halogen bulbs, so as long as you replaced your 50 Watt bulb with another 50 Watt you'd be fine.

However things have now changed since the introduction of LED technology, as the light output of the same wattage can change vastly between different brands. That's why Lumens is important, as it is a more accurate measurement of light output.

This will create consistent lighting throughout your home or workplace. LEDs are great for your pockets and the environment, you will use around 87% less energy for exactly the same light output compared to halogen.

Below you can find a table of the equivalent lumens of Halogen and LED.

**Halogen Wattage****GU10 LED Lumens Alternative**
20 Watt200 – 250 lm
35 Watt300 – 350 lm
50 Watt370 – 600 lm

In the table below you can see how how brands differ in brightness (Lumens). 

**Megaman**240 Lumens350 Lumens500 Lumens
**Aurora**245 Lumens-450 Lumens
**Kosnic**180-210 Lumens-370 Lumens

As you can see Megaman produces the brightest bulbs for the equivalent wattage. We hope this has helped, if you have any other queries don't hesitate to get in touch.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 23rd July, 2015


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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