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Where Can I Use A GU10 Lightbulb?

The GU10 light bulb has become a phenomenon in the lighting industry. Extremely energy efficient and inherently useful, these little beams of light adorn houses, businesses and public spaces in equal measure. But if you’re a novice in the lighting world, new to GU10s or simply confused about what a GU10 light bulb actually is, we are here to help! So let's start with the basics.

What Is A GU10 Light Bulb?

A GU10 light bulb is a relatively compact, bright bulb. An LED light, it is extremely energy efficient and comes in a range of sizes. Essentially they are a direct replacement for spotlights, meaning they can are incredibly bright and flexible.

Are GU10s Better Than Traditional Spotlights?

As mentioned above, they are LED bulbs, so offer all the benefits of traditional bulbs, with none of the downsides. They are extremely bright thanks to offering a range of wattages that far trumps halogen wattages, while also staying cool to the touch - unlike traditional halogen bulbs. GU10s are also great for not fading items. So if you have them focussed on a particular object, such as a painting for a long period of time, the GU10 won’t fade it or change the colour.

So, Where Can I Use A GU10?

One of the reasons they have become so popular is due to their flexibility. They can be used in almost any setting –whether it be private or commercial.

Make A Splash In The Bathroom

Not all bathrooms have windows. Bathrooms in townhouses and flats often don’t have windows, so it's important that the lights used in them are bright enough to illuminate the whole room. GU10s are perfect for use in bathrooms as they can cope with a bit of steam, can be as bright as you like and evenly spread the light around the room.

Light Up The Kitchen

Kitchens can be dangerous places. Cookers, ovens, kettles and knifes can all cause harm to individuals, so it's important they are lit up brightly to avoid injury. GU10 can be angled to light up certain areas, such as chopping work surfaces and cookers, and can also be used to create a welcoming atmosphere. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Inspire Creativity In Offices

GU10s can really bring offices to life when you need them the most. On dreary winter days it can be all too easy to let the weather take hold and not feel inspired. GU10s really help to lift offices - including home offices - and make the most out of creative spaces.

Light Up Galleries

Art galleries are full top to bottom with one offs and imaginative pieces that you will really want to show off. Why not use GU10s to highlight statues, accent artwork or really make a statement? And what’s more, you won't risk damaging these high value pieces thanks to their non-heat expelling nature.

Are you already a fan of the simply GU10 light bulb? Where do you use yours?

Created by Steve Ellwood on 5th January, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct