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Where Can LED Battens be Used?

Old fluorescent battens were widely used but often failed to meet the needs of style-conscious business and homeowners, while the flickering and delays when switching on meant they weren’t always a great choice in areas needing instantaneous illumination. That’s why battens are most commonly associated with use across industrial sites and in garages, rather than with a multitude of applications.

However, LED battens are changing the landscape. The improved design and additional features and functionality that has been introduced with the rollout of the LED batten means that there are now many places where LED battens can be used:

● Indoors

IP20 rated LED battens are ideal for use in all indoor areas where there’s a need for widespread, even lighting across a space. LED battens are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens as the batten can illuminate entire preparation and cooking areas much more effectively than individual directional lights. Slimline LED battens are also a hot topic in the new build market, with many new build homes featuring LED battens.

● Offices

Indoor IP20 rated LED battens are often found in offices, especially open plan offices where there’s a need to illuminate a very large area. For offices with high ceilings, suspendable tri-proof battens can bring the lights further towards the workforce to avoid losing any brightness or any of the illuminating effect of the powerful LED. These LED battens come complete with wires for suspending the lights from the ceiling.

● Under Cabinet

As well as being used on kitchen ceilings, LED battens can also be fitted to the underside of kitchen cabinets to provide a bright light directly onto work preparation surfaces when cooking. T5 LED battens are best for this as their small, compact size allows them to be fitted easily into small areas. This makes T5 battens great for inside wardrobes, walk-in closets, or dressing rooms, along with other confined spaces.

● Outdoors & Damp Rooms

IP65 LED battens are rated for outdoor use, and so can safely be used to provide exterior lighting. They are made from tough, durable plastics that won’t erode, even in harsh weather conditions. This makes them perfect for outdoor applications such as porch lighting and exterior security, as well as for any room that may be exposed to damp. This includes sheds, workshops, summer houses, garages, and out buildings.

● Cold Rooms

As well as being used outdoors and in damp-prone rooms, IP65 rated LED battens are also ideal for cold rooms. This is because the hard wearing plastic polymers that are used in the manufacturing process can withstand temperatures of as little as -10 to -20 degrees celsius. These LED battens are very popular in cold stores for food and medicine. They are often found in restaurants, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

Created by Gary Baker on 3rd March, 2021


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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