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Why Use LED Light Panels?

LED light panels are a popular choice for many offices and commercial premises all over the world, but why is this particular light source proving to be so popular?

Here are just a few of the reasons why more and more workspaces are tapping into the benefits offered by LED light panels:

With a depth of around 8mm, integrated LED light panels are ideal for low ceilings or spaces that do not want to reduce the feeling of space with wall or ceiling lights.

A variety of sizes and shapes
LED Light panels are available in various sizes (600x600, 1200x300, 1200x600) as standard, but thanks to improvements in LED light technology, they are now also available in both square and round micro sizes, making them ideal for any space.

Long Lasting
Lasting an average of 20,000 hours, LED light panels are incredibly durable and require little in the way of maintenance making them ideal for offices, healthcare centres and commercial premises.

Easy to install
Installing LED light panels is quick and easy, meaning that you won’t have to ask your employees to stop work while the installation process takes place.

Replicating daylight
Some LED light panels also replicate natural daylight, making them a perfect solution for staff members who suffer from migraines triggered by harsh artificial light sources.

Eco-friendly & energy saving
Using around 70% less power than other light sources, LED light panels are eco-friendly and help save energy, so they’re a great alternative to old style T5 lamps.

Mounting options
LED light panels can be surface or recess mounted to any space, so there are plenty of mounting options available.

Colour options
Whether you need a cool crisp white to showcase your products, a warm and welcoming white for hair and beauty salons or a daylight colour for healthy office environments, LED light panels come in a wide range of colour options to suit your needs.


Created by Daniel Shakles on 3rd May, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles