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WiZ is a leading manufacturer in home smart/wfi lighting products, and has recently become a part of Signify, which is a world leading corporation in LED & Lighting products. WiZ has created a large selection of different shaped smart lamps, all designed for ease of use with their app, which can be downloaded on both IOS and Android. The WiZ range of products are easy to install, setup and connect to their app. Each product comes with instructions included, with simple steps to follow to ensure things go smoothly. 

The powerful WiZ app allows for various settings to be organized per room, such as room scheduling, and turning on electronics at certain times. You can even set lighting to work on a circadian rhythm, providing better sleep by transitioning the light colour from a warm white to daylight colour depending on the time of day.

We offer Wiz connected LED GU10s as our main branded supplier of smart LED GU10s.