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XXL Vintage Light Bulbs

Make a statement with BLT Directs expansive collection of XXL vintage bulbs, a type of decorative bulb that is sure to turn heads. From extra-large LED filament globes to giant unusual shaped light bulbs, this selection is perfect for those who want to create an impact. Designed and manufactured by dutch experts Calex with quality and style in mind, these bulbs are the epitome of elegance and panache. With a range of blue, green, gold, pink and metallic bulbs available, you are sure to find the perfect colour for your interior. These bulbs have an LED filament that is visible from the outside, replicating the style of the first light bulbs but with an innovative twist. Browse below to find a creative alternative to traditional lighting.

Why pick XXL vintage bulbs?

XXL vintage bulbs are used as decorative pieces in the home or an artistic setting and are perfect for those trying to turn heads with their lighting. They are designed to be used in conjunction with a stylish fitting or pendant to create an aura of sophistication and creativity. XXL vintage bulbs are best suited to a spacious area, due to their impressive size and light output. 

What are the different shapes of XXL vintage bulbs?

Giant vintage light bulbs are available in a comprehensive range of unusual styles and shapes. From standard globes to unique mushroom-shaped bulbs, XXL vintage bulbs are designed to create an impact and draw attention. Large vintage bulbs can be found in tubular, elliptical, mushroom and globe shapes and suit a wide array of pendants and fittings.