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2 Metre LED Strip Profile Kits

2m LED profile is one of the most popular lengths of LED profile on the market, with many people fitting it under kitchen units or cabinets and in bedrooms. Our 2m LED profile comes in a range of styles that can be recessed, plastered in or surface mounted giving you a wide option of application options. Designed for both style and practicality, our 2m LED profile is often used in hotels, restaurants and other commercial settings because of it's simplicity but dramatic effect. If your looking for versatile, premium quality 2m LED channel then look no further than our diverse range available below.

Can I cut LED profile?

If you have a lighting need that is bespoke and is an awkward length then it's easy as cutting your LED profile to size. This makes our 2m LED profile so popular as any LED profile that is needed between 1 metre and 2 metre can be cut to size. This makes cutting profile for hallways, bedrooms and other awkward rooms easy as you can simply use hack saw to cut the aluminium 2m LED profile to your perfect size. 

Can I combine two pieces of profile?

Two pieces of profile can be attached together to create a longer overall length of LED profile if you have a particularly long LED strip need. This is done by simply pushing both pieces of profile directly next to each other without leaving any gap. All of our profile have a flush finish at each end and should be able to be fit perfectly next to each other so you don't have to compromise on your larger lighting projects. With our 2m and 1m aluminium LED profile both available, you can make any length work for you.