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5 Great Uses For Coloured Lightbulbs

Gone are the days of just using plain, old white light bulbs. Thanks to the innovation of Smart LED light bulbs, we now have the entire spectrum of colours at our fingertips. These nifty new devices give us the ability to illuminate our homes, businesses, and anywhere else, with whatever colour we want. Here are a few useful and creative ways you can use them.


For any shop or retail outlet the main objective is to sell products while providing a quality customer experience. Using coloured LED lightbulbs can add an extra bit of style to a display unit. The lights could be set to match the theme or colour palettes of the products being displayed. This will give the shop floor a more professional look and will draw the attention of customers.


Anyone who has experience in photography or filmmaking will tell you that lighting is the most important thing for setting the right mood and producing professional-grade footage. Lighting rigs can often include expensive lights and hundreds of coloured gel sheets that have to be constantly changed. A Smart Bulb is an inexpensive way of instantly swapping the colour on set between scenes.


If you're planning a party at home or a public venue, then coloured LED light bulbs are a great way to get the party going. It's hard to get in the partying mood if you're in a room with bland lighting – no matter how good the music is! DJs or performers can use LED bulbs as a cheap and easy way to add some colour to their show.


Different colour light waves have been proven to have varying effects on our mood and the way we behave. For example, red light helps our brain to relax and make us feel sleepier. For anyone in the business of relaxation, coloured LEDs can help to help your clients feel more at ease. Yoga instructors, meditation centres and massage therapists could all take advantage of these light wave effects, helping to create a more relaxed mood and improve your clients’ experience.


If you have children then you know that their early years are the most important. This is when they are seeing everything for the first time and soaking up all the information they can. Learning the different colours of the rainbow is way more fun with the use of colour changing LED bulbs. Sitting with your kids while they play around with the colours on your tablet will help them engage more while learning to tell the difference between colours.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 26th June, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct