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5ft LED Battens

When selecting a 5ft LED Batten you can choose from different colour temperatures including warm white, cool white or daylight depending on your requirements for the look and feel of your your room or office etc. As well as fitting LED Battens indoors LED Battens can be outdoors by using a IP65 version.

Can 5ft LED Battens Replace 5ft Fluorescent Fittings?

If you have an existing fluorescent fitting you can replace it with a 5ft LED Batten as a straight swap. If this is indoors then you can use an IP20 version or IP65 for outdoor use. We offer 5ft LED Battens from either V-Tac Lighting or Eterna lighting.


What Colour Temperature Is Best For What Room?

When it comes to 5ft battens you have a choice of either Cool White, American Daylight or Daylight colour variations. As you move up the colours the tone of light becomes more blue. In most cases cool white will be the preferred option however if you are using these battens in a space that is lacking natural daylight like a garage or shed then daylight would be the preferred choice.

Relaxation Areas - Warm White
Kitchen & Bathrooms (functional areas) - Cool White
Offices/Commercial Properties - Daylight