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Are Smart LED GU10s Next in the Development of the GU10?

The evolution of GU10 light bulbs isn’t over yet. While the popular spotlight bulb has already transitioned from inefficient halogens, to energy saving CFLs, and now to superior LEDs, manufacturers are already thinking about the next generation of GU10s.

There has clearly been tremendous progress in lighting technology over the past few years, and with new developments in LED bulb features, GU10 manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to incorporate the latest LED technology into the GU10 fitting. And the next big trend in LED GU10 Bulbs will undoubtedly be smart technology.

What is Smart Technology?

Smart technology provides users with a greater level of control over their home appliances, systems, and even lighting. It allows users to interact with their appliances - and control them - from a distance through the use of devices like remote controls, or internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, or desktop/laptop computers.

In terms of lighting in particular, a smart GU10 light bulb can be turned on or off remotely by the user as required. Some smart GU10s can also be dimmed via an internet-enabled device, or changed colour depending on the type of bulb.

A number of recognisable lighting brands are already beginning to incorporate smart technology into their GU10 development, with LyvEco, V-Tac, Crompton, Ener-J, Gap Lighting, Collingwood, and 4Wiz were some of the early adopters bringing smart LED GU10 light bulbs to the UK lighting market for the very first time.

There are three ways that smart GU10s could be controlled:

Remote control: These GU10s often come with the manufacturer’s handheld controller that works in much the same way as a television remote control; it sends signals to the bulb that allows the user to control lighting in the room.

Bluetooth: These GU10s are slightly more advanced, using wireless technology that allows users to operate their lighting from a smartphone or tablet using an app. Bluetooth uses UHF radio waves which work over short distances.

WiFi: These GU10s can be controlled from anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection. Some will require a dedicated smart hub, while others can be controlled through apps, or even through smart home devices like Alexa.

Why Smart?

Although there are many possible directions that LED GU10 development could head in - there has already been major signs of GU10s extending into exterior lighting, for example, with new motion sensor outdoor spotlights and garden uplights designed to fit GU10 bulbs - smart LED GU10s are undoubtedly going to be the next big thing.

Why? Because smart lighting is fast becoming a home security essential. The ability to control lights from anywhere - at any time - is a powerful weapon in the fight against crime and theft, and provides homeowners and landlords with peace of mind that they’re taking the right precautions to protect their belongings, and their property.

Smart LED bulbs are already popular, and the extension of the technology into the existing GU10 fitting is the innovation that many homeowners have been waiting for. For more about GU10s, read our ultimate guide to everything you should know about GU10 LED bulbs.

Created by Gary Baker on 18th February, 2021


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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