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Bayonet Bulbs

If you’re looking for a new light bulb to fit into a new or existing fixture, chances are you’re looking for a bayonet bulb. These popular light bulbs are the UK’s standard bulb and used in a range of different lighting solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

Bayonet bulbs come in two different options: B22/BC (Bayonet Cap) and B15/SBC (Small Bayonet Cap), the one you choose will depend on the size of the fixture you’re looking to install the bulb in. B22 bulbs measure 22mm across, compared to B15 which measures just 15mm, and fits securely in many different light fittings you may encounter.

You can normally find B22 light bulbs in candle, oval or globe shapes in a variety of different glass finishes and colour temperatures to suit any interior design style or atmosphere you’re hoping to create in your home or office.
They’re a great bulb to install as they’re versatile and long-lasting, perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens – you can also get them in energy-efficient LED models.
When it comes to lighting your home, you are faced with many different choices. From different shapes and sizes, to colour options and the choice between halogen and LED bulbs. Whatever you need for your home, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for here at BLT direct.

Add new life into your space and shop our large range of bayonet bulbs on our website today or, if you’d like more information about this style of bulb, keep on reading.

What is the bayonet light bulb?

A bayonet bulb, which is also often referred to as a B22 bulb, BC or ‘twist and lock’ bulb, measures 22mm across and features two pins that retract and expand to fit inside a light fitting when twisted.

Most modern light fittings are designed to accommodate bayonet-style bulbs and they’re easy to install yourself. Available in the standard pear shape as well as rounded, teardrop, and spiral shapes, you have plenty to choose from.

Some bayonet bulbs may also be dimmable, but you must check the technical specifications in order to be sure.

Are all bayonet bulbs the same size?

No, not all bayonet bulbs are the same size. The two standard fittings that you will see most often are the B22 bulbs and the B15 bulbs.

B22 bulbs, which measure 22mm across, are your standard bayonet size and are perfect for larger light fittings. B15 on the other hand, measure 15mm across and are commonly known as ‘small bayonet bulbs’ as they’re mostly used in small fittings like desk lamps and wall lights. Plus, the size of the light bulb can vary regardless of the end cap, as light bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes.

What is the difference between B22 and E27?

B22 and E27 are two very different types of bulb, both in terms of their size and fitting.

E27 bulbs measure 27mm across (as the name would suggest) compared to the B22 bulb, which is 22mm, and it also features a different base. Rather than a bayonet (B) fitting, it uses an Edison (E) fitting which you screw into place.

It is possible to convert an Edison E27 fitting to a Bayonet B22 by using a converter. You just twist the convertor onto an E27 fitting and you’ll be able to use it as a B22 output.

How do you change a bulb in a bayonet?

Changing a bulb in a bayonet fitting is pretty simple, and you can do it all yourself without having to call the electricians in.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can easily change your bayonet light fitting at home:

  1. Switch off the light switch for your existing light fitting
  2. Remove the old bayonet bulb by holding the bulb housing, pushing the bulb in and twisting anti-clockwise
  3. Line up the bayonet studs on your new bulb with the fitting, push the bulb into the housing and twist clockwise, then release slowly
  4. Switch your light switch back on

Can you get LED bulbs with bayonet fitting?

LED bulbs are a much better alternative to lighting your home when compared to halogen bulbs.

LED bulbs can be installed in almost any light fixture – apart from enclosed lights or old-style dimmer systems – so, yes you can install an LED light into your bayonet fitting.

LED bulbs are the future of lighting as they use 90% less power than traditional bulbs, making them last up to 20 times longer. Then, once you’ve finished with them, LED bulbs can also be recycled.

Switching to an LED bulb will cut down on your energy costs, and light your home for a much longer period of time. LED bulbs are extremely long lasting, with each bulb providing around 25,000 hours of use.

Whatever room or area you’re trying to light up, an LED bulb is a great option. You can browse LED bayonet bulbs online at BLT Direct where you’ll find a range of shapes and sizes to fit your lighting needs.

What wattage do I need for a bayonet bulb?

When it comes to measuring the brightness of an LED bayonet light bulb, you should consider the ‘lumen’ value. If you’re comparing the light emitted from an LED bulb to a halogen bulb, as an example, a 4.5W B22 LED bulb with 350 lumens will appear similar to that of a 50W halogen B22.

When you’re browsing bayonet bulbs on BLT Direct, you’ll normally see the W alternative guide in all of our product names. For example, 40W alternative, or 250W alternative. This makes it much easier for our customers when they’re shopping for the suitable bulb for their needs.

Why choose a bayonet bulb?

We think that bayonet light bulbs are a great choice if you have a larger light fixture that needs a new bulb. Not only are they widely used across a range of different styles of fitting, but they are also super easy to install and replace yourself.

They also come in a range of different shapes of sizes and will last much longer than your existing bulbs when you buy one of our LED bayonet bulbs.

How to choose a bayonet light bulb for your home?

If you’re looking for a bayonet light bulb for your home, it will depend on the existing fitting you have and your own personal style.

At BLT Direct, we stock a wide range of bayonet bulbs in different shapes and sizes. We also stock different colour options so you can completely personalise the atmosphere your lighting solutions create in your home.

Check your existing fitting to check whether you’re looking for a standard B22 bulb or a smaller B15 bulb and consider what shape would look best in your fixture.

What other colour options for bayonet bulbs are there?

Like all of our other light bulbs, we stock a few different colour options of bayonet bulbs that will all create a completely different atmosphere in your home.

Ranging from natural daylight hues, to more adventurous colours, you can really get creative with your lighting when you order from BLT Direct.

Here are some of the standard colour options that you can buy your bayonet bulbs in:

  • Warm white: If you’re looking to install your bayonet bulb in a place you want to unwind in – like a living room or bedroom – you might consider a warm white light bulb. This colour option emits an orange/yellow light that will cast a relaxing and cosy vibe in your room. This shade is extra flattering on skin tones and helps to create a peaceful atmosphere that’s perfect for cosy evenings in, or lazy weekends curled up with a book.
  • Cool white: For bayonet bulbs that are being installed in places like bathrooms and kitchens, you might want a brighter light so you can clearly see everything you’re doing. In this case, it’s common for our customers to choose the cool white option. This colour options emits a white light and appears a lot brighter than warm white bulbs
  • Daylight: In some cases, you might want your lights to look as close to daylight as possible. This may be because you’re lighting a conservatory, or because you’re running a photography studio when you want everything to look as natural as possible. Whatever the case may be, daylight bulbs will be your preferred option.
  • Coloured LED: Finally, for those who want to get creative and play around with colour, we have a range of different coloured LED bulbs. Choose between intense reds, fun greens and bright blues to add to a children’s bedroom, or to just accentuate the interior design in any of your rooms.

Where can bayonet lights be used in my home?

Standard bayonet lights are used in most  light fittings around the home. Commonly used in overhead lighting that’s used to fill an entire room with light.

If you’re looking for a light fitting that takes smaller light bulbs – for a desk lamp, reading chair, or bedside table lamps it will probably use a small bayonet bulb which measures 15mm across and is better for providing focussed light in particular areas.

Where can you buy bayonet bulbs online?

Buying bayonet bulbs couldn’t be easier thanks to BLT Direct. We’re one of the go-to suppliers of all types of light bulbs and fittings so you’re sure to find every lighting solution you could possibly need on our website.

Our range of bayonet bulbs come in a range of shapes and sizes that you can work with, and they all come at affordable prices.

Browse our selection of bayonet bulbs today or, if you need a little bit more help figuring out which model is perfect for you, you can always get in touch with a member of our friendly customer service team. They’ll be able to give you expert lighting advice and help you order the perfect lighting solutions for your home

Why choose a bayonet bulb?

We think that bayonet light bulbs are a great choice if you have a larger light fixture that needs a new bulb. Not only are they widely used across a range of different styles of fitting, but they are also super easy to install and replace yourself.

They also come in a range of different shapes of sizes and will last much longer than your existing bulbs when you buy one of our LED bayonet bulbs.