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Brighten Communal Outdoor Spaces With LED Floodlights

When used in a business context outdoor lighting has two purposes. It is practical, ensuring that activities can take place in outdoors environments while also being decorative, helping to create a warming, welcoming atmosphere. While traditionally, outdoor lighting was dominated by conventional light bulb styles such as halogen and incandescent, LED floodlights provide an energy efficient, robust modern-day alternative.

The type of business you run will dictate the way in which outdoor lighting should be used. To help you illuminate your outdoor areas appropriately, here is our business owner’s guide to brightening communal outdoor spaces with LED floodlights.


When responsible for a venue that houses members of the public, it is important to invest in lighting that is practical but also decorative enough to create the atmosphere that will bring customers back to your business.

To cover the practical aspect, we recommend using LED floodlights with PIR sensors. This means that your outdoor areas can be lit with a bright, clear light whenever it is needed, such as when customers must use stairs to reach the outdoors area. Once this has been done safely, these LED floodlights can be set to turn off once the motion has gone, leaving only decorative light left to offer just the right amount of light and mood-setting atmosphere. Choosing dimmable LED floodlights in colours such as green, red amber or blue can do this perfectly. We also stock colour changing floodlights, meaning you can adjust the feel of your outdoor space to suit the season, event or mood of your venue.


If you run an office then you are responsible for the safety of your staff and those who visit your building. Again, LED floodlights with motion sensors can give staff a boost of light when they come to work on a morning or leave at night, while also reducing the amount of energy that is used, helping to keep overall business costs down further. However, as an office also acts as a visual representation of your business’s brand, choosing a light in a colour that fits in line with your logo or company colours can help to make your entrance our outside area appear professional.


Safety is the top priority of factory owners. In this context, it is important to keep outdoor spaces well lit so that accidents can be avoided. Using standard LED floodlights can help with this, while investing in portable LED floodlight fittings means that this same, bright reliable light can be achieved whenever and wherever it is needed.

We stock a huge range of LED floodlights at BLT Direct, to suit all business purposes. Browse the full selection of our low-cost floodlight range online today.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 28th February, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct