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Brighter LED Light Bulbs Become a Reality

A lightbulb manufacturer has released the first ever LED light bulb capable of lighting a room to the same output as a traditional 75W incandescent bulb. Philips have launched the energy saving light bulb this month in the United States, giving hope to those who have a need for LED light bulbs but want brighter light sources in their homes or workspaces than those associated with LED technology.

Proponents of energy saving light bulbs have long touted the benefits of Light Emitting Diode bulbs which use significantly less energy that old style light bulbs, which are widely regarded as being massively inefficient from an environmental perspective, using almost 100% of the energy they receive to generate heat rather than light.

By contrast, the new 75W equivalent energy saving LED light bulb launched by Philips is claimed to last 25 times longer than its incandescent counterpart and use 80% less energy during its lifetime. These savings add up to economical and environmental benefits with cheaper energy bills and longer periods between replacement attractive incentives for home owners and business purchase managers alike.

LED light bulbs have been regarded as an energy saving favourite for some time now as they can be used in a variety of locations and situations. However, until the launch of the EnduraLED A21, wattage was somewhat limited which meant the energy savings had to be weighed against the fact the light output was dimmer than some alternative energy saving bulbs such as compact fluorescent lamps and even halogen bulbs. Popular models such as the GU10 are already available in a range ofwattages, with the GU10 13/14 watt light bulb an existing alternative to a 75W traditional bulb.

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 27th May, 2011


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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