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Dimmable LED GLS Bulbs

BLT Direct stock a number of dimmable LED GLS bulbs, in a array of colour temperatures, finishes and wattage equivalents, so picking the right bulb for your home or business is easy. With dimmable GLS bulbs in all colour temperatures, it allows you to use these lights anywhere, whether that be a daylight white desk lamp, a cool white kitchen or a warm white living room. The dimming feature enables you to set the mood for any occasion, choosing the level of brightness at just the click of a button. Why not browse our extensive range below and find the dimmable bulb for you.

How do I know if a light bulb is dimmable?

You won't be able to identify a dimmable bulb from just looking at it, but most residential LEDs typically do have a dimming feature. You will not have to worry about picking up the wrong bulb as all of our GLS bulbs will be clearly labelled on our website. If you have any problems identifying a dimmable or non-dimmable bulb from our range please contact us and we will do our best in assisting you. 

Are LED GLS bulbs dimmable?

LED GLS bulbs can be both dimmable and non-dimmable but usually have a dimming feature. This makes them a very popular light bulb due to there versatility and adaptability.  All GLS bulbs on our website will be labelled either dimmable or non-dimmable to reduce confusion and to ensure that you get the right bulb for you. So if you want to change your lighting art a moments notice, why not check out our excellent selection?