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E27 LED GLS Bulbs

One of the most common light bulb types you can find, the E27 cap LED GLS is becoming a stable in many peoples homes and businesses. With LEDs replacing wasteful and costly incandescent bulbs, its no wonder that the traditionally shaped E27 GLS light bulb would be the first on the list to be renovated. Utilising LED technology, this bulb now saves you money and energy by lowering power consumption by up to 90%, all while maintaining the multi-application cap base E27. Check out our vast range below and update your lighting today.

What is an E27 GLS bulb?

An E27 GLS bulb is a bulb that has a cap base that is Edison screw, the most popular and commonly used cap base on the market. The '27' in E27 GLS stands for the diameter of the bulbs cap base in millimetres, making it compatible with many of todays appliances such as table lamps, ceiling lights and even outdoor lighting.  

Is E27 a standard bulb?

An E27 cap base is one of the most universally used on the whole lighting market, with many of todays fittings like table lamps, ceiling lights, outdoor spotlights and flood light fixtures using E27. This means that for each of these fittings a E27 bulb must be used. This means that the E27 LED GLS can be used in a huge range of applications, making them suitable for every room and almost any lighting fixture.

What is the difference of E26 and E27 bulbs?

The difference between E26 and E27 is simply a millimetre. Many bulbs that are E27 will fit into an E26 base and vice versa, this is because the difference is so small, making them interchangeable. E26 is the USA version of the European E27 cap base. If you have any problems regarding E26-E27 fittings and bulbs please give our experienced team a call on  01473 716418, or contact us through the form on our website.