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Energy Saving Halogen GLS Light Bulbs

Gone are the days of the Incandescent GLS Classic Shape lamp sitting in abundance on display in retail outlets. But did you know that not only is there a halogen GLS but also an Energy Saving Halogen GLS lamp readily available, that offers all the aesthetic appeal of an incandescent (like for like size, shape and look), but lasts twice as long plus reduces energy usage by up to 50%!

These lamps are direct retrofit replacements with an Edison Screw or Bayonet Cap base; they operate on mains voltage and emit a Warm White 2700k colour temperature.

The beauty of the halogen light source is the natural and extremely colour accurate light it emits. This lumen maintenance is constant throughout the life of the lamp, which is 2,000 hours (twice that of an incandescent). Although not as energy efficient as an LED GLS this lamp is a viable, reliable and affordable option to create the high quality light you require.