Energy Saving Halogen Linear

The K Type Halogen Linear Lamp is renowned for its superior light output, excellent colour rendition and constant luminosity throughout the entire life of the lamp. Now there is a range of Energy Saving Halogen Linear Lamps to choose from that are even more superior. Saving 30% on energy usage compared to a standard halogen lamp and 50% compared to an incandescent light source, it makes sense to consider these lamps as a viable alternative.

Energy Saving Halogen Linear Continued

They are a direct retrofit replacement for existing 78mm and 118mm K type lamps with an R7s double ended base.

The output of these lamps is rated at 48w to 400 watts, the equivalent of 60-500 watt standard halogen output.  Energy Saving K Type lamps operate at 110V or 240 Volts, and are a dimmable light source. The life expectancy of this lamp type is 2,000 hours, twice that of an incandescent bulb. K Type Linear lamps are quite a versatile light source used in internal and external floodlighting applications, display lighting, for strip light fittings, spotlighting and kitchen lights.