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GU10 Downlights

Whether you need downlights for commercial or domestic use, our range of GU10 downlights offer style and a robust build with long lifespans and energy efficiency. The GU10 downlight range brings stylish, directional lighting to your space for a low cost. Made from the very best materials, these GU10 downlights are economical and offer a bespoke lighting solution. They are available in a range of metallic and non-metallic finishes, and the varying styles mean they mesh well will any interior. Why not check out our range below?

What are GU10 downlights?

GU10 downlights are simply downlights that utilise a GU10 bulbs. GU10 downlights provide a clear, vibrant light and will elevate your lighting scheme to a new level. Coming in a variety of colours and finishes, our GU10 downlights are just what you need to give your kitchen, hallway or living area a well needed update. 

Can halogen GU10s be switched to LED Gu10s in downlights?

If your looking to become more eco-friendly and you want high quality lighting then it's a good idea to swap your old halogen bulbs for new LED GU10s. Doing this is as easy as swapping them out directly, with both our economy and premium fittings accepting both types of bulb. This means you can get all the benefits of LED lighting without needing to replace all the existing fittings. With the added benefits of longer lamp life, more efficient energy consumption and less cost, its no wonder why people are swapping halogen for LED. 

How many downlights do you need per room?

The amount of downlights needed for a room is dependent on the size of the room, and also how much light you want. As a general rule, one downlight per 1m² is typically enough to provide good and even lighting across the room. However you must take into account for fitted wardrobes, kitchen wall units or anything that reduces ceiling space. You should also be mindful of the lumens of your downlights to ensure that they are bright enough to light the whole room. We are happy to help if you require assistance in planning your downlight light scheme for your rooms, contact our team via the form on our website or give us a call on  01473 716418.

Do GU10 downlights require a transformer?

GU10 downlights will not need a transformer or driver if they run on mains voltage, 220-240 volts. You will need a transformer if you opt to go for one of our low voltage GU10 downlights, these are typically 12-24v.