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GU10 LED Dimmable Bulbs

GU10 LED Dimmable Bulbs have been designed to work on a conventional dimmer switch and are a low-energy retrofit replacement for the halogen GU10 lamp. When fitting dimmable LED bulbs it is important that the total load of the bulbs is more than the lower rating of the dimmer switch. Most standard dimmer switches have a range of 40-250 watts so you will need to fit 8no x 5 watt GU10s to avoid flickering at the lower end of the dimming. Another way to avoid flickering is to change your existing dimmer to a LED dimmer switch that has a lower range of 10 watts. We recommend the varilight range of dimmer switches which can be found on our website..

Are All LED GU10 Bulbs Dimmable?

Not all GU10 light bulbs are dimmable however every light bulb you see in this section of the website is. GU10 LED Dimmable bulbs are perfect for areas of the home where you require bright light sometimes but a more cosy atmosphere at other times. We stock dimmable led gu10 bulbs in two form factors and these are standard size and long barrel sizes.

Can GU10 LED Dimmable Bulbs Be Used In Regular Sockets?

If you do not have a dimmer switch but want to install one of our dimmable led gu10 light bulbs then you are in luck. All the GU10 dimmable LED light bulbs listed above will be able to work on a standard on/off rocker switch aswell as a rotary dimmer. As we offer coloured light bulbs in dimmable versions we often find that customer like to use these in regular switches, just keep in mind that these light bulbs will only run at full brightness on standard switches.

Do GU10 LED Dimmable Bulbs Need A Special Dimmer?

This often comes down to trial and error, many customers have found that existing dimmer switches will work with LEDs without an issue.

Here at BLT Direct we do always recommend upgrading your dimmer if its old to a modern "led compatible" dimmer. This way you will know for sure that your new gu10 dimmable bulbs will work flawlessly.

What Is The Best Dimmer Switch For GU10 Dimmable Bulbs?

The best dimmer switch for gu10 led dimmable bulbs is the V-PRO from Varilight. We have tested this dimmer switch with almost every type of dimmable gu10 that has past our doors and it has never once let us down. You can find this switch on our website by searching "JQP401W" in our search or clicking the link.