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How Much Power Do LEDs Use?

The benefit of using LEDs to light your home, office or business is that LEDs will be able to provide you with a great level of efficiency. Compared to traditional Incandescent and halogen
light bulbs
, LED lighting is several times more efficient.

An LED Light Bulb is more efficient than Halogen, Incandescent and CFL Light Bulbs, and will offer you fantastic energy savings throughout the course of its lifetime. LED Light Bulbs are able to offer you impressively low energy lighting because they expend only a minimal amount of wasted energy in the form of heat compared to traditional Light Bulbs. LED Light Bulbs will be able to offer you energy savings of up to 90%, allowing you to save on energy costs whilst helping the environment. LED Light Bulbs will be able to provide you with some fantastic energy savings.

Photo source Unsplash