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Incandescent Bulbs and Interior Design

Lighting forms a crucial part of the interior design process, not only is it a functional part of any room it can also be used as a decorative touch to complete an overall vision. This use of lighting is not just about choosing the right fixtures for the room, the lightbulbs themselves can have a huge effect on the style of lighting that is created. With both industrial and steampunk looks well and truly in fashion, many designers are using more traditional lighting methods to tie the room together.

Incandescent Bulbs
Despite their poor energy efficiency these traditional bulbs have been making a comeback and now interior designers are queuing up to get their hands on them for all their industrial designs. Squirrel cage bulbs have become even more popular because the intricate filament designs are extremely attractive and the lighting colour is warm and comfortable. Quite often designers use these bulbs hanging in groups from the ceiling with no shades, allowing the bulb to be truly appreciated and adding to the industrial vibe.
Group Of Hanging Globe Style Filament Light Bulbs
Incandescent bulbs can be used singularly to create an attractive feature that will draw visitors in. Incandescent filament bulbs are are so unique that the eye will be naturally drawn to it. This means they can be a statement piece in your home or a feature that will draw more customers into your business.
Close Up Of Filament Style Squirrel Cage Light Bulb
One of the best features of incandescent bulbs is the feeling of warmth they provide. A squirrel cage bulb has a colour temperature of 2700K whilst a cool white bulb is about 4000k and daylight around 7000k. The warm light given off by an incandescent bulb is very comfortable and relaxing to sit in which makes them appealing for bars and restraunts.
Amazing Use Of Warm Lighting To Create A Relaxing Bar Environment.

When most designers think about LED lighting they assume them to be cold, ugly and not suited to their designs but they do not have to be like that. LED bulbs can be used to create a truly fantastic lighting feature that will suit an industrial or even steampunk style.
Steampunk Lighting Idea Using Empty Jim Bean Bottles.

A traditional squirrel cage bulb with an attractive filament is usually around 40- 60W but you could use an LED bulb with an intricate filament using just 4W. This means you can achieve a similar look but it will cost less to run and because LED bulbs are super-efficient, they will need to be changed less often.
The Next Generation Of Squirrel Cage Light Bulbs - Full LED Techonlogy.

Are you interested in using incandescent or LED equivalent bulbs in your interior design? Browse our selection for inspiration and great savings.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 9th May, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct