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What Colour Temperature Do I Need?

Colour Temperature Examples on three lamps

Selecting the right colour temperature for you is a process which requires a degree of careful consideration. The colour temperature of a Light Bulb is a way of describing the colour of the light given off by the Light Bulb, and is measured in Kelvin (K). The Kelvin describes the burning colour temperature of a Light Bulb. Whilst most Light Bulbs may appear to give off white light, there a number of different colour temperatures which we might at a glance describe simply as white.

Recognising the difference between these colour temperatures is important because they can have a big impact on our space. For example, Warm White (2700K) is considered as ideal for use in the home, as it gives off a cosy, warm glow.

More neutral environments such as offices might benefit from a Cool White colour temperature (4000K).

On the other hand, light which mimics Daylight (sometimes known as full spectrum light bulbs) (6500K) can be effectively used to combat SAD. Careful consideration of the location and purpose of your Light Bulbs will help you to select an appropriate colour temperature.