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IP65 Downlights

IP65 rated downlights have become a staple for those looking for durable but exceptional quality, recessed lighting. Here you can find IP65 rated downlights across a range of types, including GU10, LED and low voltage variations. Available in a variety of finishes such as, white, chrome and brass, these fixtures are perfect for lighting that needs a little bit more toughness, such as bathrooms or outdoors. Made with strong, resistant materials, you can be sure to get long lasting and brilliant light for a competitive price.

What is an IP65 Rated Downlight?

An IP65 rated downlight is a fitting that is dust tight and water resistant , making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or outdoors where foreign elements are more likely to affect your lighting. This means you can have tough lighting, all while keeping a polished and clean looking light. At BLT Direct we offer you stylish lighting without needing bulky and unattractive protective fittings to provide longevity to your lighting scheme. 

Are IP65 Downlights Suitable For Bathrooms?

IP65 rated lighting is required for any light directly above or near any water including showers and baths. Being splash resistant and spray-proof, the IP65 downlights are perfect to not only provide directional, crisp lighting but also meet strict regulations. We also understand that in bathrooms space is valuable, which is why these recessed lighting fixtures are perfect. 

Can IP65 downlights be used in a shower?

IP65 rated downlights are suitable for installation above showers and baths due to there water resistant features. Please note that if you have lighting requirements that involve lights being immersed or submerged in water then a higher IP rating is needed. If you have any concerns or questions about the safety of your bathroom downlights then get in contact with our team via the form on our website or call us on  01473 716418.

Can IP65 Downlights Be Used Outside?

IP65 downlights are able to be used outdoors, in both a domestic and commercial settings. So whether you need to light up the garden, or need a light for outside your business, we are certain to have what you require. All of our products are supplied by the most trusted and reliable manufacturers from around the world so you can have faith that these lights will work for thousands of hours and many years. With the range of finishes, colour temperatures and lumen outputs available it's not surprising that more and more people are coming to BLT Direct with there outdoor downlight needs.