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Latest Developments in LEDs

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are the fastest growing lighting solution on the planet, with many thousands of people choosing them for their higher levels of efficiency and their consistently bright light. Becoming increasingly popular, experts are trying to hone the technology even further in order to get the very best results out of these energy saving light bulbs. Experts at Dundee University are taking up the challenge of enhancing the LED market with a major European research project which aims to revolutionise lighting all across the world.

The premise of the project is to create a whole new generation of LED light bulbs which emit white light. They would be more efficient than existing bulbs and other LEDs, and if they were successfully developed in a way that would make them affordable for consumers and viable to mass-produce, they could help to reduce global CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

White LEDs currently have an efficiency rating of around 25%. This is still higher than halogen and incandescent bulbs, which expend the vast majority of their energy through wasteful heat energy, but the percentages can be improved upon with this study. The researchers in Dundee are aiming to create a white LED which would be around 50%-60% efficient; a huge improvement and a quantum leap in the world of energy saving lighting. Energy consumption for everyday users would be vastly decreased, resulting in much smaller energy bills, and the eco-conscious element of the bulbs means much less contribution to a person carbon footprint. The new LEDs also offer users improved control over aspects such as brightness and tone, which can be a unique selling point for purposes such as feature or commercial lighting.

The research is just the latest in a long-line of technology-enhancing projects regarding LED light bulbs that are commencing or coming to fruition. One such LED bulb that has recently been introduced, can even be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. These so-called ‘intelligent’ light bulbs are entirely controlled through WiFi systems. They can change colour at the touch of a button and the light levels across the home can be controlled from this one handheld focal point. Many companies are also undertaking research to make their bulbs brighter and more efficient for less energy, paving the way for LED light bulbs to become ubiquitous in years to come.

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 7th March, 2013


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Steve Ellwood

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