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LED Downlights

The LED downlights selection offers the same luminosity and appearance as traditional downlights with the added benefit of being more economical and increased longevity. Designed to integrate with any setting – commercial, industrial or domestic – our LED downlights come in a range of colour temperatures and wattage ratings. White or silver trim ensures our LED downlights will mesh well with any environment and are all made from quality hard-wearing materials. With high-quality brands and styles ranging from mini downlights for accent lighting to high output commercial fittings, we can provide a solution for most lighting requirements.

Can you replace downlights with LED downlights?

Replacing older halogen downlight with innovative, cost effective LEDs is the best way to renovate your home. With many of our fittings accepting both halogen and GU10 bulbs, upgrading your lighting has never been easier. Not only are LEDs cheaper to run and eco friendly, they also last for tens of thousands of hours, so choosing to switch is a no brainer. With a greater range of colour temperatures and finishes, the benefits of LED downlights over halogens speak for themselves. Why not browse our range today and get the lighting upgrade you deserve?

What is the best LED downlight brand?

At BLT Direct we stock a variety of brands, from V-TAC to Integral LED, we are sure to have the downlight that is best for you. By stocking many brands, it allows you to pick the downlight that is the best for your needs. And with a wide range of prices available, we are sure to have the light for you, no matter if your on a tight budget or you have more to spend. All of the products we supply are made with durable and premium parts to ensure that the quality is always top notch. 

Are LED Downlights Any Good?

LED downlights are the most cost effective and energy efficient downlights available. Not only do they save you money on your energy bill in comparison to halogen alternatives, but they also are stocked in more colour temperatures and at a range of IP ratings and finishes. So if your looking for low cost, low heat kitchen lighting, or trying to revive the garden with some outdoor LED downlights, BLT Direct have something for everyone. With increasing people realising the benefits of LED bulbs and becoming more and more aware of the effect of outdated light sources on the planet, it's obvious to see why people are coming to BLT Direct to source their LED downlights. 

How Far Apart Do You Put LED Downlights?

Because LED downlights maintain the luminosity of traditional bulbs they are also able to be placed in the same way. With the general rule being that you place downlights as far apart as half the height of the ceiling. For example if you have an 8 feet ceiling, then we recommend that your lights are 4 feet apart.