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Motion Sensors Could Help You Cut Your Light Bills Reports BLT

Thrifty homeowners looking to pinch pennies this year are being
encouraged to invest in motion sensors by a lighting expert company.

BLT Direct, an online supplier of a vast range of lighting solutions, is
championing the benefits individuals could receive by investing in motion
sensors that cut bills and reduce emissions by maintaining light at a
constant level.

Steve Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct said, “Most people are
looking for ways that they can reduce their outgoings at home,
particularly after Christmas when we’ve all spent far too much money on
presents and socializing.

“Luckily, homeowners will be able to give their wallets a rest this year by
investing in motion sensors for the home. These devices work by
optimizing light levels and saving power as well as turns the lights on
when a room is occupied and switches them off when people leave,
meaning no lights are left on unnecessarily.

“Small changes around the home can lead to significant savings, and as
well as motion sensors, anyone on a tight budget should also consider
making the switch to LED lights.”

Motion sensors are well suited for a number of applications, particularly
where movements are minimal or slow, so also work well in offices and

A close-up of the light bulbs against the black background in Cascais.
Photo by Marcus Castro / Unsplash

Those looking to really cash in on the benefits of energy-efficient lighting
can also choose LED light bulbs over the traditional incandescent options, which boast a number of different benefits.

LED lighting is a progressive light source that uses around 90% less
power than incandescent bulbs. Because of this, those who install them in
their home fixtures will find that their bills are cheaper and will also not
need to change their bulbs as frequently.

Created by Gary Baker on 12th March, 2018


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

BLT Direct