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Philips Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Introducing a complete range of Metal Halide Light Bulbs from Philips Lighting, an established and renowned manufacturer of lights bulbs and their associated products. Our catalogue for Philips Metal Halide Lamps incorporates quartz and ceramic MH lamps in all lamp shapes and type; elliptical, tubular, capsule, linear, reflector and double ended.

We have categorised our product range according to lamp type; within each section is a comprehensive product list with detailed specifications to aid you in your choice of lamp.

The Philips MH lamp range has a proven track record of performance. These lamps emit an exceptional clarity and quality of light with good to excellent colour rendering and stable output and colour over the life of the lamp. In addition high efficacy results in low heat generation and low operating costs. The lamp life of the Philips MH lamp ranges from 10,000 hours to 30,000 hours, minimising maintenance. From specialist accent lighting in museums to large area floodlighting, railway track to airport lighting, horticultural to aquarium applications and so much more there is a Philips Metal Halide solution right here.