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Sony Launches Next Generation Lightbulb Speaker

Illumination reaches a new era of sophistication this year, with Sony unveiling its ultra-advanced LED Lightbulb Speaker. Need light and tunes at the same time? No problem. Sony has it sorted with a revolutionary new product that serves both purposes, simultaneously.

Sony LED Speaker Light Bulb Side On

Light and music, all in one!

As the name suggests, the innovative new product is more than capable of taking care of both functions. Developed as a multi-functional gadget, the globe screws into the same fittings as its ordinary counterparts, emitting up to 360 lumens of light. As well as lighting up a room, the bulb is also integrated with a powerful 2-watt speaker systems that packs a punch in compact spaces. Think above the dining room table, in a study nook or above the bed. And the best part? It can all be controlled via a Bluetooth controlled mobile app. Now that's modern technology at its finest!

Sony LED Speaker Light Bulb In A Fitting

Making waves in Vegas

The product made its grand debut at the CES 2016 conference in Las Vegas, and quickly won the attention of tech buffs across the globe. As well as the LED Lightbulb Speaker Sony also unveiled a stunning Glass Sound Speaker. Also built around a LED bulb, the tube-shaped organic glass casing is a sure-fire style statement.

Saving the planet, one tune at a time

What we really love about the product is the fact that it utilised energy saving LED technology. Browse the BLT Direct inventory and you'll quickly notice that we're BIG fans of light emitting diodes that have the potential to slash energy spends, as well as drastically minimise carbon footprints. It's great to see global brands such as Sony pioneering exciting new LED developments, and making them hugely appealing for use in modern spaces. For home and business owners alike it's a great way to stay on-trend, without compromising eco-friendly credentials.

Design Milk fell head over heels for the sleek and streamlined aesthetic, describing the product as “A good looking exposed pendant bulb option and one which opens up areas throughout a home or apartment formerly off limits for audio component installation.”

While it's currently only available to purchase in Japan it's set to hit the US market later this year. When it reaches UK shores you can bet that our team of buyers will be snapping up a bulk order as soon as we get the news.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 12th February, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct