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Three Lighting Ideas for Smart Homes

Smart homes are the next big thing in household technology, and there’s plenty of ways that these new additions can make our lives easier. From central heating systems that can be controlled by a smartphone app to home security systems that send out alerts and offer a live video link when someone rings your doorbell, smart home technology is really coming into its own in 2019 and is already being enjoyed by thousands of homeowners all over the UK. See here for some of our smart products!

Not a sector to be left out, the lighting industry has also been hard at work developing a range of smart home lighting features that don’t just make modern life simpler, but that can also help protect the environment too!

Here’s some of our top picks for smart home lighting now available to order from BLT Direct.

Sensor bulbs

Sensor bulbs (or disk to sawn bulbs as they’re also known) work by sensing the infrared light given off by the sun and will turn off in the morning and turn on in the evening. Once the sensor recognises that low levels of light are present in the room, they automatically switch on in order to provide great levels of illumination without you having to flick a single switch.

Fantastic for those that work all day and worry about leaving their homes in darkness as the sun sets, they are also cost-effective to run due to their energy-saving LED technology.

Photo by Vinicius Amano / Unsplash

V-Tac smart lights

If home security and low power consumption is something that you're hoping to install in your home this year, then the range of smart lights from V-Tac are able to offer you the best of both worlds.

Using just 18 watts of power, this reliable device can help illuminate your outdoor space and provide a bright daylight feel when the sensor is triggered by movement. Ideal from front and back gardens, the V-Tac Daylight LED Floodlight also comes complete with a wi-fi camera that will capture images for total peace of mind.

Energy efficient bulbs

Keeping those energy bills in check is a must for households that have noticed that their energy costs have started to creep up. With an array of LED lightbulbs on offer, its never been easier to keep those bills down and make sure that your home is helping to conserve energy resources too. See Here for Our LED Range!

Photo by Sonnie Hiles / Unsplash

Created by Daniel Shakles on 8th April, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles