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How to use light bulbs to make your home feel cosy during winter

While the summer months encourage us to head outdoors on an evening, during winter many people tend to hibernate, making their homes as cosy as possible as the long, chilly nights draw in. If you too are wanting to turn your house into a tranquil den, here’s how to do so with the use of light bulbs…

Drape String Lights

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String lights have moved on from being something that is reserved only for parties, to something that can add instant atmosphere and charm to any room. While the multi-coloured variety may still remain better used for Christmas parties, choosing strings of light bulbs in a warm yellow glow can make a room feel cosy, homely and relaxing.

Switch to dimmable light bulbs

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Although there are some occasions when bright, crisp lighting is necessary, it can feel harsh and doesn’t create a calming environment. Installing dimmer switches and replacing your conventional light bulbs with dimmable light bulbs means that you have the option to alter the level of light, creating a softer glow for peaceful, calm evenings.

Use decorative lamps

Figure 3 Source

If using dimmable light bulbs isn’t an option on your home, investing in decorative lamps is another great way to control the levels of light in any room. Rather than only having the option to illuminate a room with either lots of bright light or have no light at all, placing large table or standing lamps in the corners of your room can add a small, soft glow in targeted areas around the home.

(Don’t) light a candle

Figure 4 Source

Candles are a popular way to make a room feel cosy, tying in with the hygge lifestyle trend but relying on this as a source of light can be dangerous and even bad for your health! LED light bulbs are available in a variety of styles, including many candle shaped designs that flicker, just like an authentic flame.

At BLT Direct we stock a huge range of light bulbs to help your home feel cosy, including dimmable light bulbs, candle shaped LED lamps and more. Browse the full range online and transform any living space into a relaxing environment.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 21st December, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct