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Vintage Light Bulbs

Vintage light bulbs, also known as Edison light bulbs, are designed to enhance any environment and are the perfect option for anyone looking to create a unique ambiance through carefully chosen illumination. We are sure to stock vintage bulbs for any application, from modern domestic fittings to boutique applications. Explore our vintage light bulbs for products available in antique and traditional chandelier styles, as well as a choice of practical accessories. We are also pleased to offer you GLS, globe, candle, and squirrel cage bulbs in classic and LED technologies, giving you a wide choice of quality retro bulbs with modern capabilities.

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How bright are vintage light bulbs?

Vintage light bulbs are typically used as decoration or effect lighting because of there unusual shape and low light output. The light output of incandescent vintage bulb is low because of the method it uses to generate light. An incandescent bulb heats a filament until it glows, wasting much of its energy on producing heat rather than light. This means it cannot provide the same level of lumens as an LED lamp which is far more energy-efficient.  LED replicas of retro bulbs are now available, achieving a higher lumen output while maintaining a classic style.

Can you replace vintage bulbs with LED?

Vintage bulbs are available in two technologies; traditional incandescent; or LED filament replicas. LED filament light bulbs are designed to imitate the classic look of retro bulbs with a filament visible in the bulb. The main differences between incandescent and LED vintage bulbs are longevity and energy efficiency, with LED being far more energy-efficient and lasting many times longer. LED vintage bulbs keep the same style as the original Edison light bulbs but use less energy and are more environmentally friendly, perfect for those looking for a modern take on a classic style.