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Warm White Light Bulbs

Achieving a calming ambience in your home is effortlessly achievable with the use of a warm white light bulb. Perfect for setting the scene while still providing ample lighting, these are a good choice of bulb that creates a sense of warmth and tranquillity in any room that you place them in.

Warm white light bulbs have a low kelvin emission of 3000K, in comparison to other bulbs such as cool white or daylight which often go as high as 6500K. This low kelvin emission creates a warm and cosy glow that makes warm white lamps ideal to use in living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways. Great for softening skin tones and complimenting any existing warm paint colours or decor, a warm white light bulb can enhance your interiors in an instant.

Whatever bulb you want to install in your home, we’re confident that we’ll have the best price and best quality here at BLT Direct. We stock a complete range of warm white light bulbs in a range of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing bulb or trying something brand-new, we have everything to help solve your lighting needs.

What is a warm white light bulb?

Warm white light bulbs are types of bulbs that give off a warm glow, rather than an intense white light. The warmth, or coolness, of a bulb, depends on the number of kelvins – which is a temperature scale we use to measure light bulbs. A warm white bulb is usually below 3000 Kelvin (3000K). Typically, the lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the bulb appears.

Which is better, warm white, cool white or daylight bulbs?

The temperature light bulb you choose will largely come down to your own needs and preferences. Warm white, cool white and daylight are the three most popular temperature choices, but all three emit very different temperatures.

Warm white is warmer, as you’d expect, compared to cool white and daylight. Ideal for creating a more homely and inviting atmosphere, the orangey-yellow tinge of a warm white light bulb is a great choice for any room where you like to unwind in, like a bedroom, dining rooms or conservatories – they are also great for bedside lamps for some late-night reading.

Cool white is a middle ground between warm white and daylight, this temperature beams a light white hue, creating a more vibrant light compared to warm white. These lights are best used in bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms where you need to see what you’re doing.

Daylight has the lightest tone of all three, with a slight blue hue, this temperature replicates the light outdoors. For commercial use, daylight is the most popular lighting option chosen for commercial settings such as offices, warehouses and other indoor applications. Due to its bright light with a slight blue hue, this temperature encourages concentration through maximised lighting.

Ultimately, there is no best or better light temperature, certain light temperatures are used for certain applications, so it’s entirely up to you for what colour light you want to beam.

Which light bulbs give a warm light?

If you want to achieve a warmer atmosphere in your home, you should be looking for light bulbs with a kelvin emission rating between 2700 and 3000 Kelvins. These temperatures are often referred to as either Very Warm White or Warm White.

Light bulbs with a warm light are perfect for creating a cosy feel in your home but depending on the amount of warmness you want to achieve; you should choose the colour temperature accordingly.

Are warm white LED lights bad for your eyes?

Warm White LED lights are not bad for your eyes, whilst their intense light may seem harmful, LED Lighting uses the same amount of blue light that our smartphones, tablets and laptops use. Due to this, there is no risk of damaging your eyesight so long as common sense is applied (don’t stare directly into a light!).

Which bulb is brighter, warm white, cool white or daylight?

Colour temperature does not impact the brightness of a bulb, this is instead determined by the lumen output. Whilst cool white or daylight may appear brighter than warm white light bulbs, it only impacts the tone of the bulb. For example, a warm white 3000K bulb with a lumen output of 250 will have a brighter output compared to a daylight 6500K bulb with a lumen output of 200.

If you want a brighter light in your home or office, refer to the lumen output, not the kelvin emissions.

How to choose a warm white light bulb?

When it comes to choosing the best warm white bulb for you, it really depends on the purpose of your bulb. At BLT Direct, the lighting options we sell come in a range of temperatures, wattages, shapes and sizes to meet your needs, so it’s simple to find the exact light you need to the smallest detail. For instance, If you’re looking for a decorative piece around the house, warm white candle or XXL bulbs are a great choice for adding a touch of class to an area. If you’re in need of adding some warm white bulbs into your spotlight fittings, GU10 or GU5.3 warm white bulbs are a common choice. 

We also offer strip lights, LED tubes, LED panels, festoon lights and much more, our wide range of different lighting solutions should fit any of your needs. Furthermore, the colour temperature of each product is clearly displayed in the product name, with the exact kelvin displayed in the technical specifications, helping you to choose the exact product you’re looking for.

What other colour options are there?

Our light bulbs come in a wide range of colours, so you can choose a temperature that suits your home best or mix and match different colours to create a unique lighting solution for your home.

From daylight bulbs to bright and funky colours, we have many different options that can create a totally different vibe in any room you place them.

Here are some of our standard colour options:

  • Warm white: If you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home, warm white is the perfect shade to go for. Not only is this hue easier on the eye, but it’s also perfect for softening skin tones and complimenting any warm-toned paint or furniture you already have in your home. 
  • Cool white: If you’re looking for lighting to install in your office or kitchen, cool white will help you to keep focussed and highlight your workspace. These bulbs give off a clean light for a modern and fresh effect.
  • Daylight: These bulbs perfectly mimic the look of natural daylight, perfect for offices and gyms when you want to bring the outdoors in.
  • Coloured LED: If you want to get creative, what better way to do so with some fun colourful light bulbs. From blue and yellows to oranges and reds, we have plenty of colour options to choose from.

Where can warm white lights be used?

When it comes to installing warm white lights, they can be used anywhere, it all depends on your design style and needs. Most people will choose to install warm white bulbs in places they would typically relax and unwind in, like their living room or bedroom – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use these lights in your bathroom and kitchen!