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What a Bright Idea: Great Uses for Light bulbs

Many of us change our light bulbs on a regular basis, particularly if you haven’t yet switched to long lasting LED light bulbs! Rather than throwing your used bulbs away or taking them to a dedicated recycling facility, why not use your imagination and re-purpose your light bulbs in a series of crafty projects?

As always, Pinterest is full of inspiration, even for something as niche as this! Here are our top picks of the best ways to reuse your light bulbs.

Hanging Planters

Greenery and plants are very popular in the world of interiors at the moment, and with the help of light bulbs it is easy to make some hanging planters with a difference. The bulbous shape makes them perfect for storing water and showcasing the roots through the clear glass, while string can be easily attached to the metal base allowing you to hang these ‘plant pots’ with ease.


We admit this isn't for the shy, but if you are a fan of the industrial look, steampunk style or just love to collect unusual jewellery then this bee-shaped broach is perfect! Here a classic incandescent light bulb has been used, but we’re sure it would look just as good if a GLS shaped LED light bulb made up the bee's body instead.

Hot Air Balloon Décor

Figure 3 Source

It’s amazing what a little imagination can do – the light bulb really does have a similar shape to a hot air balloon, making this craft a perfect way to make your old light bulbs last much longer. This image uses fabrics, glitter and bottle caps to create a charming look however, there are other tutorials on Pinterest that take on a more gothic, steampunk style.


Figure 4 Source

One clever way to repurpose a light bulb is to mimic its predecessor – the oil lamp! This handy tutorial on Instructables shows you how to make your own at home, using mainly household objects!

These are just four ways you can make use of your old and burnt-out bulbs. Do you have any light bulb projects to share with us? Let us know in our comments below!

Created by Rebecca Appleton on 26th April, 2017


Rebecca Appleton

Rebecca Appleton

Qualified online journalist, specialising in the home improvements and energy saving sectors