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What Is A Reflector Light Bulb?

Reflector light bulbs are generally used in spotlight and flood applications. Coming in a number of sizes, brightness, and colour temperatures, they provide unrivalled light when needed the most.

Reflector light bulbs can be known as:

Par (Parabolic aluminised reflector)

These come in incandescent, CFL and LED variations and are called something different, depending on the diameter required:

Par 20 - 63mm Diameter

Par 30 - 95mm Diameter

Par 38 - 125mm diameter

R references

Again, coming as incandescent, CFL or LED, they are called:

R39 - 39mm Diameter

R50 - 50mm Diameter

R63 - 63mm Diameter

R80 - 80mm Diameter

R95 - 95mm Diameter

R120-125 - 120-125mm Diameter


With two prongs these are one of the most popular type of bulb in modern buildings. Available as halogen, CFL and LED, they suit all needs


With two pins these are less well-known, but come in halogen, CFL and LED variants


Created by Steve Ellwood on 6th July, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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